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Fairlane reviews or seeks out information on over 100 properties every year. We select only a few as prime acquisition targets – those where added value can be created and success projected due to strong property fundamentals.

We typically target properties that are poorly managed, not operating at the highest and best use, underperforming, or suffering from undercapitalized ownership. We take a hard look at a property’s total picture – its characteristics, the seller and the seller’s circumstances, existing tenancies, location, market, property type, alternative uses and renovation requirements.

We then create a business plan for each asset, focusing on how best to differentiate it to create value. Extensive due diligence prior to offers and Purchase & Sale Agreements provide us with a competitive advantage as sellers look for buyers who will close quickly without retrading or renegotiation. Our close evaluation of a potential acquisition, including capital needs assessment, market reports, rent analysis and operating expense breakdown, ensures that investors receive a clear risk/reward assessment.

For each targeted acquisition, a team of due diligence experts is quickly formed, including engineers, architects, contractors and vendors, as well as investors, mortgage brokers, leasing brokers, property managers and attorneys. Fairlane’s proven performance and longstanding relationships translate into immediate attention from decision makers — key investors, brokers, and vendors.